Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

Comic books are full of sketches and paintings. These books not only develop language skills but also painting skills. Besides playing games for 7 year olds, parents can encourage kids to read comic books. Here are some reasons why kids must-read comic books.

High lexicon of complex words

High lexicon of complex words - Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

According to a study it has been found that comic books contain 36% to 76% of text that represents text found in higher secondary and university placement exams. Even the newspapers contain only 14% of these words. So, children will have a strong vocabulary by reading comic books.

Improved memory skills

If you are learning English, then comic books can help you retain information and the things you are reading. Most people remember what they see more rather than read. So, the visual nature of comic books improves memory skills.

Gateway to reading books

Gateway to reading books - Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

Even reluctant readers will get motivated to read comics. This way slowly they will shift their attention to normal books. So, comic books will eventually encourage reading books.

Learn to sketch and develop a character

Learn to sketch and develop a character - Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

By reading comics, children can learn how to sketch, paint and develop a character. This will help them to write stories of their own. They will become good at drawing and painting.

Encourage writing

Many children will develop the habit of writing by reading storybooks. Comic books also broaden their imagination and they can be very creative with their writing.

Improve grades

It has been found that reading comic books may improve students’ grades. As they will spend more time reading and understanding comic books they will learn how to comprehend and analyze writing.

With so many reasons to read comic books, you must encourage your kids to read them. It will improve their memory and skills.