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If you haven’t read comic books in your childhood then you have missed out on a great deal of fun. Comic books have amazing stories and the drawings are very attractive. You will feel as if you are seeing a movie when you look at the comic books. You can feel every movement and mood of the characters. The pictures are so vivid and real.

The best part of comic books is that unlike the other storybooks, you don’t have to read lots of texts here. The texts are mostly in the form of dialogues that are easy to read and comprehend. So, people find it interesting. The stories of these books are often imaginary and it can boost creativity in children.

Comics are not only read by the kids; adults also like them. Reading comic books can encourage you to read storybooks and it’s a good way to spend your leisure time. Nowadays, movies are made based on these comic books and people love them.

So, reading the original story can be more thrilling. If you first read the story and then watch the movie, then you can tell how the story in the book is different than that of the book.

Kids often try to draw comic characters in their free time and it can improve their drawing skills. This enthusiasm and interest have made many people great comic artists.

In this blog, you will learn about the greatest comic artists and get tips on how to become a good comic artist. You will also know about the famous works of these artists. We hope you will enjoy reading the blog.