Best Comic Art Supplies

If you have read comic stories, you will know that story that is told using pictures has a different impact on the readers’ mind than just having text. These stories are more enjoyable to read and you will remember them for years. So, art is one of the most important features of a comic book.

Many people have been inspired to become comic artists after reading comic books. Children, especially, like to imitate the drawings they see on comic books. To draw the comic characters and scenes you need the right comic art suppliers. Here we are going to talk about it.


You should choose the correct media for drawing. You will be using pencils, ink, colors, and many other things to draw.

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Top 4 Comic Books You Must Read

The blockbuster movies you see today, like X-men, Superman, Thor — all of them were inspired by comic books. So, you can imagine how talented and creative the writers are. You will feel similar excitement reading the comics that you got by watching the movies. Here are some top comic books that you must read.


By: Frank Miller, Dave Mazzucchelli

The story is about an honest policeman Jim Gordon. In this story, you will get some flairs of the Batman Begins. It is one of the best Batman series of crime-fighting and you will love it. Both kids and adults will enjoy reading it.

Superman: Red Son

By: Mark Millar, Dave Johnson, Kilian Plunkett

It is one of the most famous comic books.


Here you will know how a normal person with great power starts ruling half of the world. You will love the action sequences and the story of saving earth and people is always heartwarming.


By: Art Spiegelman

This is one of the most popular comic books ever. Even those who think that comic books with drawings are for kids will rethink after reading the book. Here the story is about a Holocaust-survivor father. Here the author tells about his life during World War II and then in the US. Here you will learn how people survived their darkest hours.

The Walking Dead

By: Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard

It is a great graphic story of a family trying to protect themselves from a zombie holocaust. The story has a lot of twists which you will like. Lots of emotions are portrayed in the book. You will love the pace at which the story is told. Once you read this book you will become addicted to it.

If you haven’t read many comic books then you can start by reading these books. Each of these books has a good storyline and amazing graphics which you will enjoy.

Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

Comic books are full of sketches and paintings. These books not only develop language skills but also painting skills. Besides playing games for 7 year olds, parents can encourage kids to read comic books. Here are some reasons why kids must-read comic books.

High lexicon of complex words

High lexicon of complex words - Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

According to a study it has been found that comic books contain 36% to 76% of text that represents text found in higher secondary and university placement exams. Even the newspapers contain only 14% of these words. So, children will have a strong vocabulary by reading comic books.

Improved memory skills

If you are learning English, then comic books can help you retain information and the things you are reading. Most people remember what they see more rather than read. So, the visual nature of comic books improves memory skills.

Gateway to reading books

Gateway to reading books - Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

Even reluctant readers will get motivated to read comics. This way slowly they will shift their attention to normal books. So, comic books will eventually encourage reading books.

Learn to sketch and develop a character

Learn to sketch and develop a character - Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

By reading comics, children can learn how to sketch, paint and develop a character. This will help them to write stories of their own. They will become good at drawing and painting.

Encourage writing

Many children will develop the habit of writing by reading storybooks. Comic books also broaden their imagination and they can be very creative with their writing.

Improve grades

It has been found that reading comic books may improve students’ grades. As they will spend more time reading and understanding comic books they will learn how to comprehend and analyze writing.

With so many reasons to read comic books, you must encourage your kids to read them. It will improve their memory and skills.

Tips for Coloring Comics

Comics are fun to read not because of the storyline but also for the drawings. Giving colors to those black and white drawings can make the characters and scenes livelier. The readers will have a better understanding of the mood of the characters and change of scenes when everything is colored. Here are some tips to color the comics.

Use the right software

Use the right software - Tips for Coloring Comics

Previously Photoshop CC was used for coloring the comic book. Now Clip Studio Paint is being used by many artists as it is faster and has more features than Photoshop CC. It allows layering in flat, for example.

Don’t use many layers

Refrain from using many Photoshop layers on a page. You must limit to using only three or four layers.  Read More …

5 Best Comic Book Artists of All Time

The comic book is nothing new. For years, comic books have been published and people have enjoyed reading them. The best part of comic books is the illustration. It’s the works of the talented artists that bring the comic book characters to life. Here we are going to discuss some of the top comic book artists of all time.

Mike Allred

He is notable for the comics Red Rocket, Sandman, Batman’66, and others. His art is fun and playful. You can recognize his works instantly as they have a special appeal. You could see the strength in the characters he drew.

Greg Capullo

He is known for being consistent in his work. His works include X-Force, Spawn, The Creech, and other comics.  Read More …

How Kids Can Make Their Comics

Comic books are fun to read and these can help in developing writing, reading, and drawing skills. Even your kids can become a comic book artist or a writer by making their comic books.

Know about visual literacy

Know about visual literacy - How Kids Can Make Their Comics

The kid should have the ability to draw characters and turn the visual images into writing. As they are now exposed to a lot of images on the Internet, TV, and video games, they must be able to think critically.

Start using tools

Start using tools - How Kids Can Make Their Comics

No special tools are required to make comic books. You can ask your kid to start on white paper and draw the characters using pencils. You should ask your kids to draw lightly first so that they can make changes later if necessary.

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