Comic books are fun to read and these can help in developing writing, reading, and drawing skills. Even your kids can become a comic book artist or a writer by making their comic books.

Know about visual literacy

Know about visual literacy - How Kids Can Make Their Comics

The kid should have the ability to draw characters and turn the visual images into writing. As they are now exposed to a lot of images on the Internet, TV, and video games, they must be able to think critically.

Start using tools

Start using tools - How Kids Can Make Their Comics

No special tools are required to make comic books. You can ask your kid to start on white paper and draw the characters using pencils. You should ask your kids to draw lightly first so that they can make changes later if necessary.

After the pencil sketch is finalized, they should paint or color them.

Start simple

The kids should start with the simplest sequential comics, the format they have seen in comics Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes. They should select a simple story, then draw what happens in the beginning, middle and end.


Drawing - How Kids Can Make Their Comics

Stick figures are good for comics. If your kid doesn’t want to draw human characters, they can think of animals or aliens. Once they have sketched a character they have to put in details to make the character look livelier.

Give voice to the characters

With comics, you can go wordless. But putting in some words will be better. So, encourage your kids to write small dialogues in word balloons. It is best to write the words first and then draw the balloon; that way the words will fit.

Creating comics is very simple. With the right techniques and imagination, kids can make their comics. They can become a comic artist or writer from a young age.