The comic book is nothing new. For years, comic books have been published and people have enjoyed reading them. The best part of comic books is the illustration. It’s the works of the talented artists that bring the comic book characters to life. Here we are going to discuss some of the top comic book artists of all time.

Mike Allred

He is notable for the comics Red Rocket, Sandman, Batman’66, and others. His art is fun and playful. You can recognize his works instantly as they have a special appeal. You could see the strength in the characters he drew.

Greg Capullo

He is known for being consistent in his work. His works include X-Force, Spawn, The Creech, and other comics. 

He later started painting for Batman where the Joker was taken to new heights.

John Cassidy

He used to give life to the complex stories with his painting. He even made the weirdest story believable to the readers by painting the characters so well. His notable works include Captain America, Star Wars, X-Men, and more.

Becky Cloonan

Becky Cloonan had bridged the gap between the old and new worlds of comics. She had her first success in 2003 when she drew for Demo. The audiences connected well with the supernatural lives. She worked on genres of horror, fantasy, manga, and even science fiction.

Geoff Darrow

His work is known for the details he puts into them. He became the conceptual artist of The Matrix. His latest creation was Shaolin Cowboy. He mixes genres of martial arts, westerns, and other things in his art.

These comic artists have inspired many young people to start drawing for comic books. You can learn a lot of things about comic art from these artists.