If you have read comic stories, you will know that story that is told using pictures has a different impact on the readers’ mind than just having text. These stories are more enjoyable to read and you will remember them for years. So, art is one of the most important features of a comic book.

Many people have been inspired to become comic artists after reading comic books. Children, especially, like to imitate the drawings they see on comic books. To draw the comic characters and scenes you need the right comic art suppliers. Here we are going to talk about it.


You should choose the correct media for drawing. You will be using pencils, ink, colors, and many other things to draw.

The media must work well with these tools. For example, if you use watercolor then the ink must be waterproof. For alcohol-based markers, it should be Copic proof. When choosing paper make sure that you use a dip pen, fineliners, and markers. You should use the right paper size to draw comic characters.

Drawing tools

Drawing tools - Best Comic Art Supplies

You can use traditional drawing tools like brushes and dip pens. You can also use fineliners and brush pens as you can draw anywhere with them without re-dipping. These tools have a built-in ink reservoir, thus making things easy for you.

Line variation

You should use tools that can make different line weights. For example, brushes, brush pens, and flexible dip pens let you draw lines with various weights. If you use fineliners they will make lines of single thickness.

These tools can help you draw comic characters and scenes comfortably. You can finish your drawing in less time and your drawings will look amazing too.