Comics are fun to read not because of the storyline but also for the drawings. Giving colors to those black and white drawings can make the characters and scenes livelier. The readers will have a better understanding of the mood of the characters and change of scenes when everything is colored. Here are some tips to color the comics.

Use the right software

Use the right software - Tips for Coloring Comics

Previously Photoshop CC was used for coloring the comic book. Now Clip Studio Paint is being used by many artists as it is faster and has more features than Photoshop CC. It allows layering in flat, for example.

Don’t use many layers

Refrain from using many Photoshop layers on a page. You must limit to using only three or four layers. 

These layers will be flats and duplicates of flats. You can have a few more for lighting effects.

Painting style

Painting style - Tips for Coloring Comics

Decide whether you want to use the Pencil tool or Lasso. The ‘anime’ color style can be easily edited with the Paint Bucket. You can also use Airbrush, but it will take more time to edit.

Decide on the details

You must decide how much detailed work you want. Detailed coloring can make the story livelier and the readers can easily comprehend the story. So, when coloring, it is better to add some details.

Add personality

You should add your personality to the coloring. For example, you can fade the color towards the end and blend it with the background. This way your work will stand out from others.

By properly coloring the characters and the scenes you will be able to grab the readers’ attention more. The readers will find it much easier to understand the story.